Free streaming Nia and
Restorative Yoga classes during covid.
coming to you on Zoom from Linda's Room...
First, Zoom app for your desktop or mobile device GET IT HERE
Second, click the link below for the class you want to "attend"  Times are E.S.T.
Monday 8 AM Nia  id: 950-424-427
Monday 1 PM Nia id: 142-814-271
Mon. 5 PM Restorative Yoga id: 847-7195-5501
Wed. 8 AM Nia id: 179-148-268
Wed. 5 PM Restorative Yoga id:545-340-820
Thur. 10:15 AM Nia  id: 480-340-728
 Share the info with anyone you feel would be interested.

Current Zoom Nia Routine

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